John Boehner

This book about Doc Hastings provides an in-depth look at Congress during the exciting, but difficult years between 1995 and 2015.

Although he rarely sought the spotlight, his colleagues considered him a true legislator, who thought government should be the servant of the people, and not its master, and who could be counted on to carry out difficult assignments when asked.  That is why he is one of only a handful of members of the House of Representatives to have chaired two standing committees.

John Boehner
Member of Congress (R-OH) (1995-2015) Speaker of the House (2001-2015)

John C. Hughes

Mark Smith’s compelling, insightful biography of Doc Hastings introduces a statewide audience to an under-rated Eastern Washington conservative with a conscience.

John C. Hughes
Legacy Washington Historian

Slade Gorton

Mark Smith’s new book recognizes the often unappreciated contributions of Doc Hastings, one of our state’s longest-serving congressmen, to his district, his state, his Party, and to his country.

Smith’s book also describes the divisive political events [of] Doc’s twenty years in Congress. Republican activists entered from stage right. They became the establishment, overreached, struggled to recover, and then were threatened again from the right because they were no longer conservative enough for the next group of activists. The Democratic Party was the mirror image of the process, only from the left.

Slade Gorton
U.S. Senator (R-WA) (1981-1987) (1989-2001)

Lindsey Graham

I think Doc stayed around a long as he did because the people at home felt like he was there for the right reasons. He wasn’t there for Doc. This wasn’t about making him look good, this was about trying to change the government in a way he and they thought it needed to be changed.

All of that is laid out in Mark Smith’s excellent narrative. It’s a first-class biography.

Lindsey Graham – Member of Congress (R-S.C) (1993-2003)
U.S. Senator (R-S.C) (2003 to present)

Kathy McMorris

Doc took me under his wing, helped me along on the Natural Resources Committee, and supported my efforts to advance in leadership. I learned that when Doc spoke, people on both sides of the aisle listened.

His legacy is visible on the landscape of Central and Eastern Washington: from the well-irrigated fields, the thriving rural communities and the productive forestland to the low-cost electricity that has sparked so much economic growth and so many new jobs.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Member of Congress (R-WA) (2003 to present)
Chair, House Republican Conference

Norm Dicks

Doc and I served together for much of our congressional careers, and while we often disagreed on policy matters, we worked closely together on Hanford and other important statewide issues. We often saw the political turmoil Smith describes from different viewpoints but Smith’s description of it holds true.

Norm Dicks
Member of Congress (D-WA) (1977-2013)

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